Hi All. I hope you like the layout of our site. As an FYI you can access the showtimes and directions to the cinema from any Internet-Ready cellphone! All you gotta do is key in http://www.limelightcinemas.com/wireless.hdml into your phone or PDA's browser and go!


Well, I hope you all like our new website! It was designed by Jason DesJardins (jayds@macross.com). I think it looks awesome! if you have any suggestions please let me know. (he built the new design, but i'm still maintaining it)


I'd like to apologize for closing down yesterday, but we had to do some much needed work to the cinema. We got a lot done with Cinema 3 that just wasn't possible with us running shows all the time. We should have Cinema 3 open by the 18th. We also found the problem with the sound system in both cinemas. (we had been hearing some static during the movies). This has been taken care of as well. Thanks for your understanding.


Well, we're getting ready to crank up for our Midnight Cult Films and our Afternoon Classics Series. We're looking for cool names to call these series too! :) Give me some suggestions, if we use it, you'll get free admissions to all of our Classics or Cult films till the end of the year!

To see what we've got planned so far check out http://calendar.yahoo.com/public/chris_tr for our current schedule of films. Please note that anything with a (?) next to it is tenative. All others are booked.


We finally booked up a few films to kick off our Midnight Shows!

We have the original Beverly Hill Cop this weekend, Tommy Boy next weekend and Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the weekend of August 11th.

We're currently working on bringing in a few others, please send us some Email with your suggestions: limelight@trainor.net.


Ok, we finally got the stuff in Cinema 1 fixed. Seems that not only was the bulb bad, but also a few parts in the power supply for the bulb were bad as well. (probably what caused the bulb to die so quick). Anyway, we're all set and back to our regular showtimes.

As a side note, we got Mission: Impossible 2 and Gone in 60 Seconds starting Friday!


Well.... some of our equipment died today... lucky us. We have Cinema 1 closed for now while we await replacement parts. This really kindof ruined my day, but I guess that's one of the problems of running a small business. Hopefully by tuesday we'll have cinema 1 up and running. I spent most of Friday trying to fix the lamp in Cinema 1, but no luck. We found a few things that were wrong, and had parts for most, but unfortunately not all. We'll keep you posted. We had to cancel all showings of U-571 and the 1, 3, & 7pm shows of Return to Me. (which by the way, is a very good movie. I actually got a chance to see it today).


Well, Grand Opening weekend went pretty well. Thanks to all who stopped by Friday evening for the ribbon cutting.

I'd like to apologize to all of those who were in Gladiator for the 7pm show on Friday. It seems we didn't lower the volume from earlier and it was really loud. We turned it down for the 9:55 show, and recalibrated the entire sound system on saturday, so all should be well now.


Well, I was scared out of my wits on Sunday when I opened the ProJo and saw myself staring back at me. :) But the article was very good, and Michael Janusonis totally rocks. Check out the Sunday Journal in the Arts section, or goto the website: www.projo.com. (direct link to the article: Click Me)

On a side note, Cinema 2's interior is finally finished. We should have the projection stuff installed by Wednesday, so we will definitely have that ready for our grand opening this weekend. Cinema 3 will hopefully be finished as well, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time to get the projection system built up and calibrated in time for the opening.

As for our grand opening, it's this Friday (30th) at 6pm! We'll be giving away movie posters, mini bags of popcorn and generally having a good time. Stop by!


Well, opening weekend did OK for not having any advertising. I guess that's a good thing. :)

We do have films booked for this coming weekend. Road to El Dorado starts on Friday, and we're going to keep Rules of Engagement for another week. We may have Cinema 2 up and running this weekend as well, so the showtimes may be changed a bit for these films if we can get the other cinema up and running.


It's about time... :) We finally got the place open. Only silly problems right now. (like the fact we ordered the wrong size popcorn bags). But we can live with that.

We currently only have Cinema 1 opened and ready to rock, the other two cinemas will open shortly. Our goal is to open up Cinema 2 for next weekend and Cinema 3 by the 30th. (for our big Grand Opening Party).

I hope you stop by and check out the place. We're going to post some pre, during and post renovation photos in the lobby as well as on the website soon. (unfortunately I can't do it now because i'm off on a business trip).

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to email us: limelight@trainor.net.


Well, we failed the Health Department inspections... Unfortunately one of the doors we fixed up to pass fire inspection caused there to be a small gap on the door and the health inspector was concerned that it could allow in rodents. So, we have to fix that and a few other things and we'll be all set. Keep in touch here for more updates. The good news of the day is we passed the rest of our inspections, so at least we know exactly what needs to be done.


Looks like we should be OK for opening tommrow night. We've spoken to all the inspectors and they don't think there will be anything major holding us back. If all goes well we'll be running "Rules of Engagement" at 7pm on Friday. Check out the "Now Showing" page for details.

So, what's it going to be like? Well, we're only opening up Cinema 1 for now. It's going to take us a few more weeks to open up the other theatres. We also have a bunch of other things that still need to be done, but we wanted to open up this weekend to let everyone see the progress we're making. We still have to put up poster cases, install cupholders on the seats, get menus printed up for the concession stand,

Things we still have to do:

Install Poster Cases
Install Cupholders on Seats
Get Concession Menus Printed
Put edging on walls and floors
Install computerized Ticket System
Replace Marquee Over Entrance.

So, we still have a pile of work to do, but since so many of you are anxious to see how we're doing we decided to try to open as soon as possible so everyone can see the progress we're making.


Well, we're mostly finished with Cinema 1 as of now. Just working on some minor details. We have the projection booth all set and the sound system mostly calibrated. The popcorn machine arrived today and we should have candy tommrow. The only thing holding us back from opening is finishing up the necessary permits. So, it looks pretty good for a Friday opening, but we're still not sure. I'll have more pictures up tommrow of the renovations.

5/24/2000 (1604)

I finally finished the 'Letter from the President'. Please check it out if you have time. I'm not exactly a novelist, but it is kindof interesting.


Well, as you may have guessed, things aren't going too well. I had to fire the contractor that was putting the carpeting on the walls which has totally crimped our opening. The guy I hired to do the floor carpeting was awesome (Ultimate Floor Covering of Coventry), unfortunately he isn't available anytime soon to do the walls. So, I've rounded up a bunch of friends for this weekend and we're going to hammer that out. Hopefully it'll look good.

So, it looks like June 2nd will be our opening. I"ll probably just open quietly that weekend with little to no advertising and wait to have a 'Grand Opening' blowout the following week.


I fixed the email address on the General Info page, sorry if this has caused anyone problems. Also, I'm working on the renovations pictures now, so I should have something up before the end of the night. As far as the 'letter from the president' goes... well, I got about half of it typed. :) I'll try to post it tomorrow.

On another note, I'm going to try to post some kind of update here on a daily basis for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the opening of the cinema. Please feel free to send us e-mail as well! limelight@trainor.net is checked at least 3 times a day for new mail.

In Cinema news, things aren't going so well. The people that are working on putting the carpeting on the walls (we're replacing that ugly burlap with nice wall carpeting) didn't show today. So unless a small miracle happens, we might not be able to make an opening this weekend, but I'll try. :)



Well, things aren't going as well as we planned. First, I forget to file for permits early enough and we're delayed at least till the 26th. Then, I find out the screen that was supposed to arrive on the 18th didn't ship till the 18th, with an arrival date of the 22nd. So, it doesn't look good for a 26th opening, but maybe we'll be able to make it.

If we don't open by the 2nd of June I'll extend all the coupons that went out by another 2 weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused as I know many people are looking forward to the opening of the cinema.